Artistic Jihad

Isa Noorudeen

I come from a mixed Latino and English background and have a passion for all things creative and technological.  This, coupled with my passion for travel, has encouraged my artistic, eclectic and polymathic personality.

I hold a BA Hons degree in Digital Media Design from the University of the Arts. My skills lie within photography, design, illustration and technology, all of which have been incorporated into various projects.

I have worked with various NGOs and one of the most innovative companies of our time: Apple, giving me the opportunity to explore my interest in and passion for advanced technology.

I am adaptable and flexible, a quick learner with bucket loads of initiative, and can offer new ideas to your business or organisation, as well as expanding on your visions.

Digital portfolio and curriculum vitae available upon request.

Contact me using the form below or for examples projects, please visit

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